The Youth Outdoors Project was created to reduce barriers to impactful outdoor programs in Manitoba.

Together with local schools and youth organizations, we co-create a reality where children and youth can experience life-changing outdoor activities all year round.

This is a partnership of Equip Canada and Wilderland Adventure Company, to promote and oversee this new and exciting project. Together, we believe that a new and innovative approach is necessary to meet Manitoba's outdoor activity deficit for local children and youth.

Who We've Helped

We are proud to partner with local community organizations:


- Freedom International School

- Nikaniwak

- Duke of Ed Award, Manitoba

- Mission Baptist Church

- Living Bible Explorers

- St. Aidens School

- Mennonite Collegiate Institute

- Inner City Youth Alive

- Youth For Christ Winnipeg

- Winnipeg Boys & Girls Club

- Arnaud Mennonite Church


Covid-19 Realities

Let's face it...local children and youth are suffering! Due to lockdowns and stay at home orders, only 2.6% of Canadian children and youth meet daily activity minimums. Summer camps and community programs downsized or cancelled have created much collateral damage in our community. Read the ParticipACTION National Survey to learn more!

The outdoor sector needs to pivot how we operate to ensure a strong balance of public safety and continued provision of impactful outdoor experiences. Our strong leadership team and innovative program approach ensure Manitoba Health guidelines are followed. Our project success comes from being flexible and making an effort to become aligned with this new reality we are currently living in. We support schools, churches, community clubs, and local camps to collectively adjust how we provide high quality, participant focused outdoor programs.

This is the Youth Outdoors Project and we help organizations to embrace the new normal!

Our Programs

We facilitate all of our programs through Wilderland Adventure Co. This ensures dynamic program options, professional instructors, new equipment, and sound risk management to create a safe and high quality program.

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Students experience practical hand on learning about Nature, Outdoor Adventure, and Canadian Heritage.

NATURE - Being outdoors is paramount for today's youth. There has never been such a divide from youth and the natural world as we are seeing now. All of our programs take place in various natural places such as local urban green spaces to Manitoba's remote wilderness parks.

OUTDOOR ADVENTURE - Outdoor skills based learning is a key to life long development of confidence and living an active lifestyle. We provide various activities that involve intentional engagement with challenge and teamwork. We paddle, hike, snowshoe, and more!

CANADIAN HERITAGE - Outdoor Activity and local Natural spaces are the gateway to experiencing and engaging with Canadian Heritage. We hike and explore historic sites, paddle historic fur trade routes, and camp where ancient encampments once were.


Why it Matters

The Youth Outdoors Project bridges the "adventure gap" we are experiencing here in the province of Manitoba!


Our programs are beneficial to our local community. By taking youth outside and connecting them with the land we live on, youth will participate in a transformational journey that helps them become strong individuals. They learn to work well with others, face challenges with confidence, and be inspired to lead healthy lifestyles. Environmental stewardship and outdoor literacy also helps them gain an understanding and appreciation of our natural world.



Our aim is to faithfully and safely provide 100 days of outdoor programs from January to December each year.

Our intention is to facilitate programs for groups of 8-10 youth and their program leaders, though we may be limited due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. Safety is our top priority and we believe there are windows of opportunity where our programs will be successful. This program has potential for up to 1,000 life-changing experiences each year!

From participation, students should feel comfortable engaging in a short outdoor activity and gain valuable knowledge of safe outdoor activity.

Students Learning Outcomes:

1. Trip Planning: Students understand appropriate destinations, equipment, and meals for a successful outdoor experience.

2. Self-Care While Outdoors: Students learn how to dress according to conditions and maintaining energy levels.

3. Technical Skills: Students will learn to paddle a canoe, hike, or snowshoe.

4. Risk Management: Students assess and defend against common outdoor hazards.

5. Environmental Responsibility: Students become aware of accepted environmental practices and their ethical responsibility.


Project Supporters

It takes a connected and supportive community to make impactful youth programs a reality.

We want to acknowledge and thank our generous sponsors, partners, and community foundations for financial and logistical support. Lastly, thank you to our local businesses who give generously and anonymously! Without your contributions, the Youth Outdoors Project wouldn't be possible.

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Be part of the collective effort to get YOUTH OUTDOORS!

If you value connecting this generation of local youth with positive and transformational outdoor experiences, please consider partnering with us. We need like-minded individuals, businesses, and organizations that are committed to breaking down barriers restricting these impactful experiences.

All financial support is tax receiptable.

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