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Let's Get youth outdoors

Our Mission

Our mission is to help create positive and holistic adventure based experiences for youth through affordable and accessible outdoor activity at the highest standard. We achieve this through Community Partners (Churches, schools, community organizations) and generous local project funders.



All our Community Partners have access to high quality student focused outdoor events.

About Us

Advancing Christian Mission

The Youth Outdoors Project is a ministry of Equip Canada, a registered Canadian Charity. We support community focused initiatives around the world which include medical services, carpentry and trades, youth outreach, and education. The Youth Outdoors Project is a local Manitoba initiative.

We work closely, not exclusively, with the local Church. Our aim is to revive and enhance traditional outdoor programs. Being outside and doing challenging things is critical to personal growth and building strong relationships. It is our joy to partner with the local Church to support the Gospel message bring shared through our outdoor adventure events.

Ready to become a Community Partner?!

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