The Youth Outdoors Project reduces barriers to outdoor activity and provides teaching of responsible outdoor recreation practices and environmental stewardship. Manitoban schools, youth organizations, and supporters are invited to collectively co-create a reality where local youth can experience life-changing outdoor programs. We facilitate this collaboration and provide necessary oversight to ensure we achieve our collective goal in promoting and providing greater access to the outdoors for local youth organizations in our community.


We raise the required funding to subsidize and/or sponsor multi-day camping and outdoor adventure experiences for groups that face financial barriers. We partner with reputable outfitters to provide the Outdoor Council of Canada's "Get Outside" curriculum and ensure the utmost safety and quality program facilitation. We collaborate with youth serving organizations that are committed to connecting their students with challenging and transformational outdoor experiences.

Bridging the Adventure Gap

Outdoor programs bring great benefit to our local community. By taking youth outside and connecting them with the land we live on, outdoor programs do an invaluable service to society. Youth will participate in a transformational journey that helps them become strong individuals that work well with others, able to face challenges with confidence, and inspire healthy lifestyle patterns.

Personal experience provides youth with opportunities to learn about environmental stewardship and literacy through increased awareness and participation.

The Youth Outdoors Project helps take the disorganization, fear and unknown out of life-changing experiences our local youth desperately need!

Why it Matters

Our Programs

Fun, Safe & Rewarding outdoor Experiences


Connect your students with a life-changing outdoor adventure experience that will hold lasting impact for the rest of their lives. We facilitate the "Get Outside" curriculum that is aimed to provide students with knowledge and applied opportunities to develop camping skills. A typical student is a novice in the outdoors and this program is tailored for this group.

Each program includes camping, immersion in nature, learning and practicing outdoor skills, day hiking, canoeing, and more!

Students come away with an understanding and practical experience with trip planning, self care while outdoors, technical skills, risk management, and environmental responsibility.

An affordable, safe, and quality program is available to any local youth group seeking to connect their students with adventurous learning experiences.


Project Goals

Our aim is to exponentially grow and expand the Youth Outdoors Project this year! Our goal is to provide 30 impactful multi-day camping and outdoor adventure experiences by fall, 2021.

This will provide over 500 local Manitoban youth with knowledge and applied opportunities to develop camping skills. After this program, students should feel comfortable engaging in a short overnight outdoor trip.

Students Learning Outcomes:

1. Trip Planning: Students understand appropriate destinations, equipment, and meals for a successful outdoor experience.

2. Self-Care While Outdoors: Students learn how to dress according to conditions and maintaining energy levels.

3. Technical Skills: Students will set up tents, cook outdoor meals, and paddle a canoe.

4. Risk Management: Students assess and defend against common outdoor hazards.

5. Environmental Responsibility: Students become aware of accepted environmental practices and their ethical responsibility.


Be part of the collective effort to get YOUTH OUTDOORS!

If you value connecting this generation of local youth with positive and transformational outdoor experiences, please consider partnering with us. We need like-minded individuals, businesses, and organizations that are committed to breaking down barriers restricting these impactful experiences.

Support the Youth Outdoors Project and join other community stakeholders in making this vision a reality.

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