We provide experiential education and adventure focused events to create exciting and challenging experiences for local Manitoban youth.

We partner with schools, churches, and community groups to facilitate affordable hiking, paddling, camping, and wilderness trips throughout the province. We host a strong team of certified and experienced guides, use quality equipment, and provide a holistic program approach.


Our Programs

DAY TRIPS - Students hike, canoe, paddleboard, study nature, visit interpretive sites, practice bushcraft, and more. School yards, city green spaces, and provincial parks. We focus events on helping students develop safe and competent outdoor skills to be safe and comfortable outdoors.

ADVENTURE RETREATS- Escape the city and enjoy a few days in beautiful Pinawa, at the Wilderness Edge Retreat. All-inclusive stays include accommodations, food service, and amazing outdoor events led by our expert team. We accommodate your choice of Day Trips and many add-on options to suit your  goals, budget, and group size.

LEARN TO CAMP - Students enjoy time immersed in nature while developing basic understanding of safe and responsible camping. You sleep in tents, learn to build fires, cook outdoors, and participate in your choice of available seasonal activities.

WILDERNESS EXPERIENCES - Expanding from our Learn to Camp program, we take students on a wilderness journey into more remote and challenging terrain. Students embrace the spirit of adventure and learn about self powered travel and camping.

All programs are facilitated through Wilderland Adventure Co. This ensures dynamic program options, professional instructors, new equipment, and sound risk management to create a safe and high quality program.

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From participation, students will feel comfortable engaging in outdoor activity and gain valuable knowledge of safe outdoor practices.

Students Learning Outcomes:


1. Trip Planning: Students understand appropriate destinations, equipment, and meals for a successful outdoor experience.

2. Self-Care While Outdoors: Students learn how to dress according to conditions and maintaining energy levels.

3. Technical Skills: Students will learn to paddle a canoe, hike, camp, snowshoe, and more!

4. Risk Management: Students assess and defend against common outdoor hazards.

5. Environmental Responsibility: Students become aware of accepted environmental practices and their ethical responsibility.

6. Personal Growth: Students grow in self confidence, resilience, and teamwork through overcoming challenges and adversity.

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Covid-19 Realities

Let's face it...local children and youth are suffering! Due to lockdowns and stay at home orders, only 2.6% of Canadian children and youth meet daily activity minimums. Summer camps and community programs downsized or cancelled have created much collateral damage in our community. Read the ParticipACTION National Survey to learn more!

The outdoor sector needs to pivot how we operate to ensure a strong balance of public safety and continued provision of impactful outdoor experiences. We support schools, churches, community clubs, and local camps to collectively adjust to provide high quality, participant focused, and impactful outdoor adventure programs.

This is the Youth Outdoors Project and we help organizations to embrace the new normal!

Support the Project

It takes a connected and supportive community to make impactful youth adventure programs a reality.

We want to acknowledge and thank our generous sponsors, partners, and community foundations for financial and logistical support.

You enable us to hire qualified leaders, use quality equipment, and reduce barriers to these impactful outdoor experiences for youth!

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