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Become a Community Partner

To put it simply...we make getting youth outdoors easy! We understand the value of outdoor experiences AND quagmire it can be to put events together.

It is our mission to make things super easy, affordable, and truly rewarding for schools, Churches, and community groups.

As a Community Partner, you will gain access to impactful outdoor programming for students where you simply show up!

No matter what demographic you serve, we want to help you get youth outdoors and often.

Become a Community Partner!

Community Partner Benefits

Our Programs

You will have access to year round outdoor experiences for your students. Each season will provide a unique opportunity to get outdoors through tailored outdoor events. All our events are customizable to suit your goals.



All-inclusive multi-day camping trips loaded full of customized outdoor adventure activity. Paddle, hike, explore, and more!

Ready to become a Community Partner?!

Schools - Church Groups - Community Clubs - Outreach Organizations

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