the "gift of adventure"


Cover your outdoor program fees! Our generous friends at Wilderland Adventure Co. have provided the MB Adventure Kit for students to sell to family, friends, and neighbours. Once your outdoor event is booked, your students then collectively sell kits up to the value of their group trip cost. This initiative actually becomes a great tool for communication, teamwork, planning, and of course funds your event!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Practically speaking, what are the steps?

A. ONE; fill out our outdoor event booking form (dates, activities, group size, etc) and get an instant program cost.

TWO; Your group COLLECTIVELY sells MB Adventure Kits until you reach your goal.

THREE; Pay the total amount in FULL prior to your event dates (ideally 7-14 days).

FOUR; Once your orders are ready for pick-up, your group is responsible to distribute them.

FIVE; Enjoy your outdoor ministry event!

Q. What if we don't reach our fundraising goal?

A. You can pay the difference through another fundraiser or out of pocket. Sometimes, students will actually purchase a kit themselves and use it personally or give it as a gift to someone they love.

Q. What if we exceed our fundraising goal?

A. You have 2 choices...use it towards another outdoor event WITHIN the calendar year (before December 31st) OR you can donate it towards another group that is struggling to reach their goal.

Q. How do people pay for the kits?

A. People can pay either by cash or e-transfer to a designated person in your group. Once all your orders are collected, Wilderland Adventure Co. will issue an invoice for the total amount of kits your group has sold. The invoice is payable via cheque or e-transfer.

Q. What about taxes?!

A. We've set the prices of the MB Adventure Kits to include taxes making it easy and simple to market and sell.

Q. When are the MB Adventure Kits available to get to customers?

A. We typically have the MB Adventure Kits ready for distribution 2-3 weeks after submission of your completed order form and payment. We may experience some delays in our busiest seasons.

Q. How much are the MB Adventure Kits worth?

A. We provide 2 different versions with 3 different sizes, making 6 options. Each option holds increasing value from $15 per kit to $60 per kit.

Q. Do you have any marketing support for the MB Adventure Kits?

A. Yes! We provide you with a customizable marketing package that can be used to print flyers, create a powerpoint, and social media posts!

Q. What if we have to cancel our event?

A. Wilderland Adventure Co. has generously agreed to allow you to reschedule your event penalty free within 12 months of booked date. Retreat Programs at Wilderness Edge Retreat are exempt from this policy.

Q. What if something is missing in the kits?

A. Any concerns or questions can be directed to Wilderland Adventure Co. They are amazing at customer service and ready to make everything right as efficiently as possible.

ready to use the outdoors to enhance your ministry program?!