outdoor ministry programs

Our aim is to make outdoor ministry accessible, affordable, and with the utmost quality. We have partnered with Wilderland Adventure Co. to accomplish this. Together, we believe that students being outdoors and engaging with nature, adventure, and Christian discipleship is paramount today. We are extending these amazing programs to YOU, a local youth pastor, Christian educator, or youth ministry worker to use as part of your impactful student ministry.

Camping and outdoor ministry is changing as we embrace Covid-19. We can host you at our NEW Adventure Base in Pinawa, a local green space, or at your Church property. We're helping you have access like never before!


day tours & events

Manitoba has amazing places to explore and many activities to experience them by. We offer various packages that include a certified and experienced guide, all outdoor gear, and a holistic program to suit your goals & objectives.


ministry retreats

Join us at the Wilderness Edge Retreat in beautiful Pinawa. Clean rooms, delicious food service, and a true outdoor paradise out the doorstep. From here, our team will take you on interactive journeys full of adventure and outdoor learning. shoulder season weekends to a week-long summer retreat, we have you covered.


camping & wilderness

Step off the beaten path and embark on an expedition that will provide your group with rugged and authentic learning rooted in immersion in nature, experiencing adventure, and engaging with Canadian heritage. There is no better environment for engaging with the Lord than immersed in His creation, working within the Christian community of your group, and connecting with Jesus while living simplicity for. a few days.